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There’s an 80-20 rule in advertising. 80% of marketing communications is a waste of time and space. The remaining 20% is thoughtful, smart and well-crafted. This is where we live. And where we want you to be. We’re a band of perfectionists — writers, art directors, designers, strategists, digital specialists, PR experts and media mavens — creating standout work. After all, it has to be noticed before it can get results. Major brands have come to us to create work that rises to the top since 2004. It never gets boring.

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There are agency owners who don’t like getting their hands dirty doing actual work. Then there’s Denis. He’s passionate about finding the big idea, refining it and bringing it to life on paper or on screen. He’s known around here as a tireless prodder of talent — always pushing for better, smarter and more creative solutions. Denis has worn many hats during his three decades of experience: production manager, designer, art director, creative director and managing partner. He’s held senior creative positions at the region’s top agencies before starting Lehigh Mining & Navigation in 2004. Check his shelves at the office, and you’ll find dozens of awards from regional and national creative competitions. Bonus fact: Denis is LM&N’s most educated partner — he possesses a Master’s in Advertising from Syracuse University.

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Scott hails from New England, where he started his career in college as a reporter for the AP. While covering politics in the hallowed halls of the Rhode Island State House was fine, Scott wanted to tackle more creative writing and put together a copywriter’s portfolio. It kicked off 20 years in the business that has taken him to agencies in Providence, Boston, New York and eventually Bethlehem. Along the way, his work has been recognized by prestigious creative competitions such as the Addy Awards, Communication Arts and the New England Hatch Awards. He started Lehigh Mining & Navigation in 2004, where he continues to win regional and national awards while creating and helping to oversee the agency’s work. Scott is one of the few agency owners who loves staring at a blank sheet of paper for as long as it takes to solve an advertising problem. Chalk it up to a strong Puritan work ethic.

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