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  • From Insights to Activation in 60 Days (or Less)

Brand Accelerator

Our Brand Accelerator is an expedited brand development process that incorporates rapid intelligence gathering, collaborative creativity and decisioning sprints to advance your brand. Working in concert with your team, we engage a diverse mix of creatives and strategists to develop a complete brand communication platform that’s translated into highly actionable marketing messaging and executional tactics. In 60 days or less, we’ll deliver market positioning and competitive research, focus group results, a finalized comprehensive Mini Brand Handbook and tactical templates. We’re an experienced team moving fast, flying in tight formation toward a defined destination – a fully articulated and activated brand!

Brand Accelerator process 1 - Define

We start by listening to your stories, successes and pain points. We identify your biggest challenges and position your brand into a competitive whitespace where it can win.

Brand Accelerator process 2 - Design

We hand-pick several teams of strategists and creatives to explore the possibilities of a strategic brand platform. We break down the problem and build out creative brand themes.

Brand Accelerator process 3 - Check

Together we choose the strongest brand theme. We conduct virtual focus groups that are used as a “communication check” for the winning theme and its executional elements.

Brand Accelerator process 4 - Optimize

We optimize the brand theme into a final version, refining key deliverables into a Mini Brand Handbook and Activation Toolkit – complete with tactical templates that get results.
Our Brand Accelerator process helped us develop a new brand for WoofTrax, an international app that allows users to walk their dogs to raise money for animals in need.

We rethought the brand by better defining its purpose, developing a brand manifesto, and creating a new brand theme and platform.

Fresh creative assets — tagline, photography, videos, web assets, digital ads and more — gave WoofTrax a distinctive look that stands out.

An uptick in downloads and new users confirm that the new branding is doing its job. And more dogs are getting the help they need.

To learn about our Brand Accelerator process, email Nathan Lloyd at [email protected]. We’d love to show you more!