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  • Finding the insights to ensure a brand’s success.

Insight Mining

Insight Mining combines one-on-one consumer interviews, base-line competitive research and a review of existing marketing efforts. We distill all of this into informed marketing tactics.

Insight Mining helped us create a home health care brand for the ultra-wealthy. Essentially, Allia manages all medical issues for a client — everything from basic nursing to arranging specialized expertise to navigating the health care system. Insight Mining uncovered what this incredibly discerning audience wants, needs and expects.


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Insight Mining™


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After a series of in-depth interviews with high-net-worth individuals, the insights informed everything from naming to brand strategy to messaging and creative development.

Insight Mining™ helped ensure that Allia’s branding and marketing would both resonate and motivate.

If you want to hear more about our streamlined research process, email our Research Strategist, David Yanoshik, at [email protected]

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