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A Free Workshop:

Tell Your Unordinary Story®

Seven steps to building a compelling selling story for your brand and business to get customers to know you, buy from you and keep buying from you.

A collage of images of people brainstorming, using technology, and viewing retail signs on a shopping street. The collage is overprinted with the words: Ordinary is the Enemy

85% of the brand assets that companies create are ignored.

Think about it. Most of the websites, videos, social posts, brochures, banner ads, taglines and logos go unnoticed by the people you want to reach most. Why? Simple. Ordinary is the enemy…and too many businesses settle for being “perfectly ordinary.” They tell ordinary stories, make ordinary promises and do ordinary things yet expect customers to beat a path to their door. Too many companies lack the distinctiveness they need to breakthrough, distinguish themselves and consistently win. Companies lack a clear, compact and compelling narrative at the heart of what they do.

A “brand” is defined as a mark of distinction. It’s a positive, emotional bias that is built up in the minds of customers that compels them to choose your brand over the brand of a competitor. Your unordinary story is the catalyst that fuels your brand!

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Tell Your Unordinary Story® is a presentation that shows founders, business owners and brand leaders how to tell a better, more impactful story. One that builds on a strong reason for being, and positions the company to stand out, speak up and drive deeper connections with customers and employees. We’ll focus on seven steps that will show you how to get your story straight and get your story out with clear distinctiveness!

Join us for an unordinary presentation that will help you tell your unordinary story, capable of generating unordinary business results for your company!

The Tell Your Unordinary Story® workshop will be hosted by award-winning creative strategist, Gary Kopervas. This event is free and light refreshments will be served.


Tuesday November 14
8:30–10:00 am


LMN Office
600 Hamilton St., Suite 210
Allentown, PA 18101

About Gary Kopervas

An ink-drawn portrait of Gary Kopervas, who is a friendly-looking man with tousled hair, square glasses and a goatee with mustache

Gary Kopervas is a brand consultant, strategy coach and creativity trainer. He helps ambitious leaders build Unordinary® Brands. He works directly with organizations, corporate clients and agencies including those in the Lehigh Valley to tell powerful narratives that help them speak up, stand out and drive deeper connections with customers. He’s led thousands of creativity and business storytelling workshops throughout the U.S., Europe, Mexico, Australia and the Caribbean for clients including Diageo, Miller/Coors, Pizza Hut, Snapple, NFL, Accenture, Merck, GSK, Crayola and Capital One.